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Billboards are large outdoor advertising structure typically found in high traffic areas especially alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing motorists and pedestrians. Billboards are usually located primarily on major roads, highways or principal arterials. They command high-density consumer exposure and greatest visibility due to their size and creative customizing through extensions and embellishments.
We offer the following standard billboard sizes:

  • 3m x 6m
  • 4m x 5m
  • 3m x 12m
  • 7m x 5m

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Wallscape Advertising turns the walls of huge buildings and commercial structures into advertising sites. Due to their massive size they dominate the cityscape with brand messages that allow advertisers to reach their target audience where they live, work and shop. Our Wallscape sites are currently found on the sides of various high profile buildings in the central business districts of Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

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Rooftop Billboards are billboards mounted on the rooftops of buildings overlooking busy streets, marketplaces and commuter ranks. The elevated position of these structures allows them to be seen above the visual clutter that dominates a city.

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Vehicle Branding / Wrapping turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard that advertises and promotes your businesses products and services. This medium offers advertisers a cost effective way of reaching thousands of potential customers in the marketplace with your next advertising campaign.

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Trailer Billboards are advertisements placed on trailers that can be driven and parked at strategic locations of an advertisers choice including shopping malls, parking lots and busy traffic intersections. These trailers are placed in full view of passing vehicular and pedestrian traffic to promote short term promotional campaigns.

Contact our sales department for more information on the availability of our Trailer Billboards.


Wall murals are advertisements hand painted directly on strategically positioned walls of homes in high density residential areas. Wall Mural Advertising provides exposure for local artists that use their skills in painting of wall murals. Artists use high definition airbrushing to provide the appearance of a production finish resembling that of a digitally printed billboard. Walls Mural Advertising is available in the following high density areas of Harare : Mbare, Highfieds, Kuwadzana, Glen Norah ,Budiriro, Mabvuku and Warren Park.

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Window Graphics turn vacant storefronts windows into powerfull advertising mediums. They are as big as billboards but they are visible at street level so their visual impact is undeniable in busy city centres.

Contact our sales department for more information on the availability of our Window sites within the Harare CBD.


Taxi / Bus Advertising offers advertisers a non-traditional, versatile advertising medium that can target a daily commuter audience of pedestrians and vehicles. As Taxis / Buses slowly cruise city streets the exterior advertising can be seen by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on this large transit media.
The options are many, from fully wrapping the commuter omnibus, to the use of interior panels that are viewed by the daily commuters, to door-side panels and back window displays.

Interior taxi advertising also allows your message to be viewed over a prolonged period of time as commuters travel to their daily destinations. Ads can be viewed for over 15 minutes at a time – depending on the length of a traveler’s ride. Your ad can also be viewed repeatedly by commuters traveling the same route daily or multiple times per week.

In order to target your audience, Taxi/ Bus Advertising is available by selecting specific routes or by destinations. With enough coverage and careful planning, Taxis / Buses can be used to reach a general market audience very effectively throughout Zimbabwe. We can help you to plan your campaign and budget to achieve the amount of coverage needed in whatever market you are considering

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Litterbin Advertising allows clients to display adverts in extremely high footfall up market areas using environmentally friendly litterbins. We have secured placement contracts in a variety of locations including schools, shopping malls and at sports clubs throughout Zimbabwe giving your brand prime exposure at prime locations at a minimum cost.

We are committed to the regular maintenance and service of our bin advertising network to ensure your adverts are always in perfect condition. We offer short term advertising across a handful of sites starting at just $50/month, making this new form of advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Contact our sales department on +263 773 395 316 / 08644 052 663 or email info@altmediaoutdoor.co.zw for more information on the availability of our Litterbins.


Altmedia Outdoor designs, manufactures and installs various types of corporate signage products including light boxes, 3D logo lettering, pylon signs, cut vinyl signs, full colour vinyl signs, metal signs, correx signs, ABS, panaflex and cromadek signs. Our corporate signage range also includes way finding signage, contra vision window graphics, pull up banners, teardrop banners, corporate flags and bunting.
Our signage products are manufactured to the highest standard in order to enhance your brand, increase visibility and draw customers to your place of business.

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