Powertel Communications, a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings, is a Public Data Network Operator fully licensed by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) to provide data communications services in Zimbabwe.
The Powertel head Office recently moved from the 10th Floor of Joina City to No. 2 Coronation Road, Greendale in Msasa, Harare.
Altmedia Outdoor was successfully awarded the tender for the branding of their new Msasa head office. The scope of work completed included the production and installation of a 3m x 6m Directional billboard, entrance signage and other various directional signage throughout their new premises.

Nu-Way Cleaners now open in Avondale

Nu-Way Cleaners have opened a branch in Avondale at the Riverside Mall and have utilised our prime 3m x 6m billboard site along King George road to target and direct traffic to its new Avondale branch. The billboard is clearly visible to all traffic from the Avondale, Avonlea and Emerald Hill residential areas in Harare.
Nu Way cleaners offer Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services, Commercial & Industrial laundry Solutions in Zimbabwe

Lets Color with Dulux Zimbabwe

Dulux Zimbabwe recently contracted Altmedia Outdoor Advertising to promote its “Lets Color” campaign by installing a double sided 3m x 12m billboard at its Southerton Factory in Harare.
The billboards were installed at a prime location within their factory premises in full view of the heavy traffic travelling along Highfield road.
The billboards advertise the Wallguard, Roofguard, Weatherguard, Gloss Enamel, Eggshell Enamel and Luxurious Silk ranges produced by Dulux and available in the local Zimbabwean Market.

KFC opens its doors in Victoria Falls with Altmedia Outdoor as its preferred Outdoor advertising partner.

Altmedia Outdoor advertising recently installed a new billboard for KFC Zimbabwe to drive traffic and create a buzz around the opening of its new branch in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The 3m x 12m billboard is visible to all traffic entering the tourist town from the Victoria Falls Airport. The prime positioning of the billboard along the Hwange to Victoria Falls highway, ensures that all visitors to the town are aware that KFC’s world famous “Finger Licking Good” fried chicken is now available in Victoria Falls.

National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe promotes AIDS awareness with Altmedia Outdoor.

Altmedia Outdoor Advertising recently installed 4 billboards on behalf of the National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe to help create awareness of HIV/AIDS and to promote HIV testing in Hwange and Victoria Falls.

These billboard were installed along the Hwange – Victoria Falls highway at the main entry points to Hwange and Victoria Falls. Additional billboards were installed to target travelers at the two main bus terminus in both towns.

Why you should use outdoor advertising

  • Outdoor advertising is part of the urban environment and is therefore the most public advertising media available in Zimbabwe.
  • Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching potential customers and offers a good return on investment due to its low cost per view.
  • It is viewed for free by its target market as opposed to Print, TV, Radio and Internet, each of which carry an additional cost to the consumer.
  • Outdoor advertising can target a specific and precise market based on road, city, income group and other demographic segments.
  • Outdoor advertising is available 24 hours of the day, its pages cannot be turned over and it cannot be switched off. The viewer often has no control over whether they see it or not.
  • Outdoor advertising creates a big brand feel and the larger than life graphics build brand stature and brand visibility.
  • Outdoor advertising compels a markets attention and stimulates brand recall.
  • Outdoor advertising can be placed directly at the point of purchase thus creating visual sales support and a directional guide for potential customers
  • Outdoor advertising can effectively remind consumers about the same advertising campaigns in other media.